Brian’s Goodbye Letter

My wife Lydia loved Winnie the Pooh. One of her favorite sayings was by Christopher Robin to Pooh – “Tut-tut, it looks like rain.” She would say it anytime uncertainty appeared on the horizon. Kind of like the times we’re all experiencing right now. Uncertainty, change, possibilities. With that in mind, it is with sadness and yet a tiny bit of relief, that I’m announcing the permanent closing of Greenspace at the end of June. Surprisingly, it is not due to the Covid-19 virus, but rather a perfect storm of business circumstances and personal revelations. Life being life, ready or not!
Since being founded in 2006, Greenspace’s desire was to be a community resource for green living. The intent was to protect our customers’ health and the environment with sustainable, non-toxic, planet-friendly home products. Pursuing this goal, we are thankful to have built deep ties and friendships with so many of you in our community. In addition, this focus has become much more mainstream and accepted by the general public – a good thing for the planet!
We have a lot to do to prepare to close. We will be fulfilling all the special orders that you have placed, selling our remaining inventory via curbside pickup, notifying customers who have store credit with us, and selling or donating all our fixtures. 
Here are some things you might want to do at this time:
  • Contact us to use up any gift certificates or store credit you have with us
  • Pick up your paint history sheet (via curbside pickup)
  • Get a great deal on in-stock towels & bedding, paint, Osmo, BioShield, or other great products. We’ll be putting everything on sale! (Details below.)
  • Purchase a shelving unit, paint tinter(!), or a floor model king bed frame
 We will be able to place a few special orders for items that can be delivered by the end of June, when our lease ends. If you have something you’ve been meaning to order, please contact us as soon as possible!
We will miss seeing you in the store, but we will all still be here in the community, pursuing new endeavors.
Thanks for being part of a wild ride!