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happy new year! paint department news, white sales, and more
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My mom turns 88 this February. To many of my family and friends, she is known affectionately as Grandma Nancy. She has a great outlook on life and unbelievable energy and enthusiasm. Any new adventure is to be embraced in life and is always “super colossal” and any concern we have for her welfare is met with “pish posh!” In addition, she has embraced a somewhat minimalistic lifestyle. I’ll come by for a visit and she’ll comment on some item she has carted off to the local consignment store or I’ll notice another closet emptied of its contents. I often say to her, “soon your townhouse will be down to a single piece of Japanese calligraphy on the wall, a low table with a flower in a vase and a futon.” She just smiles and laughs!
I had an engineering class years ago in college where we discussed the concept of entropy – the natural, gradual decline of a system into disorder. The concept has always stuck with me. I find it’s the reason material things always need to be repaired or replaced. My mom, in her own way, is seeking to address this dilemma by reducing what she owns. So now, each time I consider bringing some new material object into my life, I think, “am I willing to maintain and care for this item?” Sometimes the answer is “you bet” and others “not so much” and I put it back on the shelf.

– Brian Corser, owner
greenspace has big news in our paint department. Colorhouse, our beloved paint supplier whose beautiful color palettes have been gracing our customers’ homes since we opened in 2006, has gone out of business. Colorhouse was a great partner and we valued our friendships with the Colorhouse team over the years. We are sad to see them go.

Now for the good news! Dunn-Edwards has been manufacturing Colorhouse paint for many years. Under their licensing agreement, Colorhouse was able to custom label Dunn-Edwards paint and sell it to eco-retailers around the country. Now we will be buying the exact same paint, but with the Dunn-Edwards label.
By working directly with Dunn-Edwards, we will not only be able to offer their ultra-premium, low odor, zero-VOC interior paint. We will also be able to carry their ultra-low VOC exterior paints. Dunn-Edwards also offers a velvet sheen for interiors – something many of you have requested.

We know this seems like a big change, but please don’t worry! We will continue to be able to make your favorite Colorhouse colors with Dunn-Edwards paint, just as we always have. In addition, you will have access to Dunn-Edwards’ own extensive color palette, plus color-matching for most other name-brand paint colors, all in the same zero-VOC high-quality paint you’ve come to rely on from greenspace.

To learn more about Dunn-Edwards Everest paint, please see dunnedwards.com

Dunn-Edwards Paint

January 2 – 31

20% Off

Yes, it’s the same paint with a new label, but we’re putting it on sale! Help us launch our Dunn-Edwards line and freshen up your home in the New Year.

Metta Bed White Sale

January 3 – 13

Metta Bed organic latex mattress prices are getting even better for two weeks! These are the lowest prices of the year.

$250 off King
$200 off Queen
$150 off Full
$125 off Twin/Twin XL

Plus free Spiral Wool pillows with mattress purchase. (Twin/TwinXL mattresses come with one pillow each.)

OMI White Sale

January 10 – 19

The best prices of the year for OMI’s organic latex mattresses.

$900 off King
$700 off Queen
$500 off Full
$300 off Twin/TwinXL

25% off pillow tops & mattress pads
20% off pillows & barrier covers
(Excludes Rossa mattresses, foundations, and crib mattresses.)

Earth Weave Wool Runner


We have a beautiful, soft wool runner, 29″ x 84″, made by Earth Weave Natural Carpet, in Dolomite Granite.

Originally priced at $490. On consignment for $399.

Mist Grey Marmoleum


This 6’7″ x 15′ (11 square yards) piece of natural linoleum is a gently marbled blue-grey color. Marmoleum is the perfect material for your bathroom, kitchen, and laundry room floors.

Originally priced at $529. On consignment for $397.

Castle Combe Chelsea Flooring


124.36 square feet of beautiful oil-finished oak tongue-and-groove flooring. The 7-1/2″ wide planks create an elegant, classic look. The oil finish means these floors will age beautifully.

Originally priced at $1,242. On consignment for $929.

Twin XL Maple Bed Frame


This Pacific Rim Woodworking bed frame served as a floor model for several years and is in excellent condition. Perfect for a guest room or a lanky teenager.

Originally priced at $1,056. On consignment for $499.

Let’s keep our dollars local!

Pay by check instead of credit card and greenspace will donate 1% of your total purchase price to your favorite of the following five local charities:

Jacob’s Heart Children’s Cancer Support

Land Trust of Santa Cruz County

Native Animal Rescue

Peace of Mind Dog Rescue

Thanks to all of you who have participated so far. We have generated $1,438 in donations since we started this program in June!

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