June 2019 News

Eco-Rambling On

Many of you may have known my late wife Lydia. You would remember her if you had met her, all curls and outspokenness – she was the face, brains, visionary and effervescence behind Greenspace. When we bought the business in 2007, it was just about to disappear. We looked at each other and knew that somehow we wanted to this business to survive. Onward into the great recession of 2008 we charged, until the spring of 2012. All along Lydia held the business together on Soquel Avenue until what I call a financial tsunami hit, forcing us to close our doors quickly. While she and a wonderfully supportive community of friends were selling off our remaining inventory, I was out scouring the city for storage locations to put our displays and samples. We then set up an office in our living room with the paint tinter and shaker in the garage. Lydia would mix paint and leave it on our front porch for contractors – we were somehow back in business!

You see, Lydia was not the type to give up easily about anything. A few months later we found our Swift Street location and have been there ever since. Now I tell you all this because, though Lydia is no longer with us, what I call her WWLD remains. It an acronym for “What Would Lydia Do?” I use it whenever a tough decision comes my way and I want to take the easy way out. It pretty much goes along the lines of doing the exact opposite of whatever my natural inclination at times may be. I don’t always do it, but it certainly keeps me on my toes. – Brian Corser, owner


We are so delighted to introduce our newest greenspace team member, Joel Barnes! Joel comes to us with a background in Interior Design. Over the years he has helped a number of clients in our community and beyond. Joel studied Design at West Valley in Saratoga after years of working in the Silicon Valley tech world. He is originally from Upstate NY, but migrated to California in 1986, settling in Santa Cruz in the early 1990’s. He and his husband Tony live just steps away from Greenspace here on the Westside. Joel has a passion for helping customers with home interior design choices, and is very happy to be joining us at Greenspace. We are pleased to have his talent, enthusiasm and expertise.

Let’s keep our dollars local!

Pay by check instead of credit card and greenspace will donate 1% of your total purchase price to your favorite of the following five local charities:

** Ecology Action

** Jacob’s Heart Children’s Cancer Support

** Land Trust of Santa Cruz County

** Native Animal Rescue

** Peace of Mind Dog Rescue

In the two weeks since we informally launched this campaign, we have already generated close to $200 in donations! Please join us in keeping our dollars in our community.

new Wool Carpet Stain Remover

At last, we have found a safe, effective, low-odor wool carpet cleaner, recommended by fine wool carpet manufacturers.

WoolClean spot remover is specially formulated for high-quality wool carpet, rugs and upholstery. The WoolClean kit includes three “specialists” that come to the rescue for unexpected spots and spills:

  1. Spot Remover ­ cleans water-based spills and spots
  2. Spot Dry Remover ­ attacks grease and oil-based spots
  3. Absorb-it ­ absorbs spills or soaks up any remaining liquid as the carpet dries

New Marmoleum Colors

Just in time for spring, Forbo has introduced new additions to their Vivace, Real, and Fresco lines as well as two new lines of Marmoleum marbled colors: Terra and Splash.


From a distance, Splash colors appear light grey with a slight nuance in tone, yet from up close, Splash is an overall light grey with hints of surprising colors peeking through.

This modern and playful design is ideal for use on its own but can also act as a connector between more classic marbled and uni-patterned visuals.


Terra, a close, tight and highly contrasting structure inspired by igneous rocks. Terra colors combine a sophisticated small scale marbled structure with great soil hiding properties. The authentic mix of colors creates a versatile floor design that combines well with other Marmoleum items.

Terra’s superior appearance retention makes it ideal for use in high traffic areas such as healthcare flooring and floors for schools and provides a natural feel to any environment.

This is the second in a series of posts designed to help you succeed in your home projects.

Tip #2 – Moisture!

Another common problem homeowners run into is their wood floors expand and contract due to moisture and temperature changes. At the extreme, this can lead to cupping, crowing or buckling of the planks, or cracks and gaps between them.All natural materials respond to humidity changes — as moisture in the air increases, hardwood floors and other wood-based products will absorb the surrounding moisture and expand, and as the air dries out, these materials will release moisture back into the air and shrink. This phenomenon is known as hygroscopy and occurs year-round within your home.

There are ways to help limit flooring movement as humidity fluctuates. Installing a vapor barrier underneath your floor goes a long way to help prevent the worst effects from moisture. Some underlayments have a vapor barrier built in already. However, if you’re not using an underlayment, a durable polyethylene film known as visqueen is a safe, inexpensive, and effective option, available at local lumber yards. While maintaining your floor, most flooring manufactures recommend damp mopping, which uses less water than wet mopping, to clean up dirt and spills. Lastly, placing protective waterproof mats near exterior doors and under water bowls and planters will help prevent damage to your floor and avoid expensive repair work down the road.

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