November 2019 news


Eco-Rambling On

The electricity came back on at my house just a few hours ago. It had been turned off by PG&E just shy of two days to address the issue of high winds, downed power lines and devastating wildfires. Energy plays a significant part in my life in spite of how much I attempt to reduce it. It’s always there, taken for granted by me every time I flip a switch or start an appliance. So when I found myself sitting in the dark on a Saturday night, there was a shift in my awareness and perspective. Heading out on my bike, I see my street now plunged into unfamiliar darkness, the stars above me shining so much brighter and the darkened traffic signals lending an air of the lawlessness that I find rather invigorating. Returning home, my thoughts then turn to how to recharge my phone, pass the time and will my $6 quart of just purchased Greek yogurt survive the slowly rising temperature in my refrigerator. Brian’s first world problems!Time passes, life continues and just as suddenly as the flow of electrons disappeared, they then reappear by some massive hidden switch. The refrigerator compressor turns on and my oven clock beeps. My life is tilted upright again. Until the wind blows again.– Brian Corser, owner

Porcelain Countertops

Porcelain is an ideal countertop material: scratch, stain, and heat resistant. But tiles mean grout lines! With a solid porcelain slab, you can have the ease of a solid-surface countertop with the durability and beauty of porcelain, all without having to clean, seal, and maintain grout. Come see our beautiful new porcelain countertop options today!



Crossville Porcelain Countertops are a beautiful new addition to our countertop options! Available in both polished and matte versions, Crossville porcelain countertops are manufactured in Italy using state-of-the-art equipment.

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greenspace has carried SapienStone’s beautiful Italian porcelain countertops for several years. We have recently added 10 new designs to our SapienStone display, including two beautiful wood patterns.

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Collaborative Milk Paint Project

Thank you to everyone who voted for their favorite Real Milk Paint color. The results are in and Tropical Jade was the clear winner with a third of the total votes!
cathy3I gave myself a month to paint four pieces – table, chair, bench and stool. The project seemed simple enough and with four weeks to accomplish my goal, I embarked on this endeavor with no hesitation. Lets just say, I got the pieces painted and they look great, but I may have stayed up painting in the dark with only the light of my Prius headlamps to ensure I finished before this newsletter was sent out!
cathy4Projects usually take longer than we plan and cost more than we budget for. If done right, a lot goes into properly painting a surface – having the right tools, preparing the surface, making sure you have the right finish for the job, applying the new finish, clean up and so on.
cathy6I chose Milk Paint for my exterior seating for a few reasons: it’s durable, easy to apply (it was virtually drip free!) and its versatility allows it to be painted on a variety of surfaces. I decided to paint the table in Plum, which was the second most popular color, to add a bit of pop.
cathy5Bailey and her friends already love the “new” furniture. And I love that I’m able to give new life to my grandparent’s old garden pieces. Hopefully they will last another 50 years!


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