October 2019 news

Eco-Rambling On

I recently moved my daughter Isabel up to UC Berkeley for the fall semester. She transferred as a junior in Psychology after completing her degree at Cabrillo in the spring. Proud dad! The move went very smoothly for her – spiffy dorm, own room, new friends, loves her professors. She’s a planner and worked hard to get things set up. For me, the change has come with its adjustments, to say the least! In fact, I look differently now at every parent who has experienced their child moving out. Should we say emotional rollercoaster?She was recently telling me about her experience getting her kitchen set up that she shares with three other roommates. Apparently, Isabel has become the go-to expert on all things compostable and recyclable in the household. That’s my girl – continuing the legacy of saving the planet one teaching moment at a time!

– Brian Corser, owner

New Cork Composite Flooring

WISE Cork by Amorim

Another beautiful alternative to vinyl flooring!
Amorium is at it again, offering ten cork-composite floor options that are completely waterproof and free of vinyl and other toxic ingredients while having one of the toughest wear ratings on the market using food grade recycled PET plastic!

Cork is one of the most eco-friendly flooring options on the market. Amorim has reached a remarkable CO2 negative footprint in its entire process. Cork harvesting is an environmentally friendly process during which not a single tree is damaged. The bark regenerates itself after each extraction in preparation for the next harvesting. A harvested cork oak tree absorbs 5 times more CO2 from the atmosphere than a tree that hasn’t been harvested, helping to reduce global warming.

Come in today to see the 10 gorgeous cork styles! $5.99/square foot

For more information, see amorimflooring.com.

Coyuchi’s Fall Colors

Sustainable organic textiles for your home.
Coyuchi has introduced a variety of lovely new colors and styles for the fall. Whether you are looking to refresh your bedroom or add a beautiful throw to your living room, we have beautiful new options for you. Come feel your way through our swatch books and find your next gorgeous organic towel, sheet, blanket, or duvet!

Help Cathy Refurbish Her Cast Iron Outdoor Furniture with Milk Paint!

I’m starting a new project refurbishing my vintage Rococo-style cast iron garden furniture. I inherited four pieces from my grandparents years ago. My grandmother purchased them at an auction in the early ’70’s – she never paid full price for anything! After years in the garden, these pieces are ready for a refresh.

Please help! What color should I paint these beautiful pieces? I’d love for my daughter to enjoy them for years to come. I’m looking for a fresh new coat of milk paint to bring them back to life.

Milk Paint is a safe, non-toxic, and versatile finish that has stood the test of time. Composed of milk protein, hydrated lime, plant-based fillers, and iron oxides, milk paint is a natural, eco-friendly choice for a variety of indoor and outdoor projects.

I’ve selected 8 possible colors for this project. Please take a look and vote for your favorite! Then check back next month to see pictures of the process and of the finished project. Let’s get painting!

Milk Paint Color Poll

Eco Fusion Flooring Sale

October 1 – 31

For the month of October, greenspace is offering deep discounts on over 40 strandwoven bamboo floors from Ecofusion. Bamboo is a rapidly renewable resource. Bamboo floors come in a wide variety of colors and styles, making them an excellent choice for almost any style home.

For more information, see ecofusionflooring.com.

Avoiding Flooring Mistakes

This is the fifth in a series of posts designed to help you succeed in your home projects.

Tip #5 – Choosing the right material!

The last mistake you want to avoid when installing a new floor is  choosing the wrong material for your space and for your lifestyle. Wood floors look gorgeous in a kitchen, but if you are an exuberant chef who drips and splashes all over your kitchen floor, you may be happier in the long run with tile or linoleum, or a vinyl-free waterproof floor, something that is water resistant and easy to clean. Tile floors can be dramatic and beautiful in all living spaces, but if you like to sit on the floor or have young children (or old dogs!), they may be too cold and hard for some rooms. Things dropped on tile floors tend to break and small people who fall down on tile floors tend to hurt themselves. Carpet, cork, or wood floors are much friendlier options for the rooms where you spend the most time.

So, are you looking for a floor that can hold up to heavy traffic? One that will feel warm and cozy? One that will enhance your home’s resale value? Come in and talk to us! Let us help you choose the perfect material for your next flooring project.

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