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Eco-Rambling On

I have a small Swiss army knife that I always carry with me. It has five features: knife blade, nail file/screwdriver, scissors, toothpick and tweezers. No corkscrew, no magnifying glass, no leather hole punch, no flash drive. It’s reusable, durable, practical and convenient. It is actually one in a line of at least an identical dozen that I’ve had in my life – many of them lost to airport TSA or swallowed in any number of couches I’ve sat in over the years. I truly feel I am unprepared to meet the challenges of the day without it. But then, that’s the kind of guy I am – boy scout!Now I mention this because it has also had one unintended, yet fortunate consequence in its use. Many years ago, I was walking with a sweet gal in San Francisco who I recently started dating. She happened to be wearing sandals and got a splinter in her foot. We stopped, looked at the splinter, (and you know where I’m going with this), I pulled out my Swiss army knife and the tweezers and with it the splinter. My date claimed that at that moment she knew she wanted to marry me.  And we did – just five years later.– Brian Corser, owner


WISE by Amorim

Our gorgeous new alternative to vinyl flooring!
Looking for beautiful and comfortable wood-look waterproof flooring for your home that is free of vinyl and other toxic ingredients? We have the answer! WISE by Amorim is composed of layers of cork with a rigid core made of cork amalgamate and natural crushed stone. It is topped with beautiful wood-look veneers and a non-PVC protective wear-resistant layer, making it easy to maintain.

WISE is comfortable to walk on, soft, quiet, and warm. Amorim goes to great lengths to “green” their production process, making WISE a “Climate Positive” flooring choice. It also meets the highest European indoor air quality standards. And did we mention it is waterproof?!

Come in today to see the 10 gorgeous wood styles! $4.99/square foot

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This is the fourth in a series of posts designed to help you succeed in your home projects.

Tip #4 – Acclimating!

Another pitfall to avoid when installing new flooring is not allowing it to acclimate to the space before installation. For the most successful installation, you want the humidity level and temperature of your flooring materials to match that of your space, preventing potential buckling or gaps due to the material swelling or shrinking after installation. The way to achieve that is through acclimating the flooring – letting it sit in your space for several days before installation. You’ll want to check the manufacturer’s installation instructions for their recommendation on how long the materials need to acclimate and whether the boxes of flooring should be opened or kept sealed during this time. Some solid bamboo floors need up to 5 days to acclimate. Engineered floors may need only 24-48 hours. Be sure to find out what your floor needs before you start installing! Always let the manufacturer’s installation instructions be the first thing you read when researching your new floor. They are available on most manufacturers’ websites and will save you from making costly mistakes!



DIY Soft Scrub


  • 1 cup baking soda
  • 1/4 cup castile soap (Dr. Bronner’s or similar)
  • 1 Tbs. hydrogen peroxide.

Mix ingredients together until your paste has a smooth thick consistency. Store in a re-purposed jar or container. Use to gently and safely scrub sinks, tubs, and other dirty areas of your home. No protective gloves or masks required!

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