Palladio Wide Plank Flooring

Beautiful, high quality French Oak and American Walnut wood flooring, from environmentally and socially responsible forest sources.
Our factory is located near century old tree plantations grown for their natural latex sap. The small plantations are owned and maintained by more 6,000 local tree farmers. After 25 years the trees have grown to full maturity and must be replaced. These harvested trees are used by our flooring factory for the hardwood core material. This efficient and sustainable process supports the local economy and protects the environment.

Palladio floor

Our flooring products meet or exceed the 2010 California Air Resource Board (CARB II) requirements, the most stringent emissions standard in the world. Additionally, we provide independent, third party certification that our flooring is produced entirely of legally and environmentally friendly harvested timber.

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French White Oak flooring

American Walnut flooring