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Cleans So Gently,Yet So Well. It Will Floor You!

BioShield Floor Soap #58 will clean and protect interior floors made of wood, cork, linoleum, and stone. It is gentle in nature and can be used for the cleaning of oiled and waxed floors.BioS-FloorSoap


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  • Available in 1.0 liter containers. 5.0 liter containers available by special order

    Ingredients: Plant oils, water, linseed oil, wood oil, resins, and orange terpenes.

  • Specifications: Our floor soap is made from a mixture of precious plant soaps containing soy and palm oil. It also contains fats for surface revival, and resins that will aid in the protection of floors. Just four ounces per gallon and a damp-mopping on a regular basis is all it takes to begin a program of exceptional care.

    For additional sheen after cleaning with BioShield Floor Soap, we recommend treating with BioShield Floor Milk #59.