BioShield Herbal Oil #2

Be as pure as you can be with our cold-pressed flax oil for wooden counter tops, cutting boards, salad bowls, and general furniture.

Usage: Herbal Oil #2 is suitable for use on food service fixtures and utensils such as butcher blocks, kitchen counters, and cutting boards. It’s a deeply penetrating wood primer and sealer that creates an elastic, breathable, and water resistant finish that enhances the natural beauty of wood. Within the BioShield system, our #2 oil can also be substituted for our Penetrating Oil Sealer #5.



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  • Ingredients: Highest grade organically grown cold-pressed linseed oil, lead-free dryers (zircon, cobalt octoat), and essential oils.

    Available in 0.75 liter cans, 2.50 liter and 10.00 liter containers available by special order

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