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Acri-Soy is the world’s leading bio-based penetrating clear sealer that is formulated from advanced proprietary chemical technology utilizing soy esters and modified acrylics. Acri-SoyTM is a unique environmentally compliant sealer that has the inherent ability to effectively penetrate and protect porous substrate surfaces by creating a molecular bond and seal.

Our bio-based technology outperforms typical water-based and solvent based sealers by providing long lasting protection against moisture, UV, mold, mildew, efflorescence, dusting, marring, and stains. It is virtually odorless and contains no hazardous ingredients. Since it is a true penetrating sealer, it will not alter the surface coefficient of friction.Acri-SoyGlossNew

Acri-Soy is our premium multi-purpose penetrating sealer, Acri-Soy is available in satin sheen in 1, 5, or 55-gallon containers. Use this sealer for all horizontal high traffic areas on surfaces such as concrete and wood.

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