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Deco-Poz Decorative Concrete Pozzolan Resurfacing System is a special high performance cementious blend of white portland cement, 90-grit sand, and a custom engineered recycled white pozzolanic mineral additive that is combined with a proprietary non-hazardous polymer. This unique eco-friendly primerless resurfacing system bonds to virtually any substrate delivering a durable new cementious surface that is suitable for both interior or exterior decorative finishes. The aggressive bonding over existing substrates and difficult adhesives saves hours or even days of demolition, stripping, etching, or ginding and completely takes the guesswork out of evaluating proper porosity or color results.

The Deco-Poz System is clearly the sustainable alternative to traditional resurfacing systems. It utilizes a recycled pozzolan material that reduces up to 25% portland cement content. while increasing compressive strength and durability. The aggressive primerless bonding capability and workable cementious material makes Deco-Poz a highly desireable design tool that creates more opportunities to re-use existing building materials.

Pozzolans are widely used in cement and concrete technology to increase concrete strength, density, and resistance to chemical attack as well as control efflorescence. Our pozzolan technology meets technical requirements of ASTM C618 for use as supplementary cementious materials in concrete and exceeds the requirements of ASTM C1157 Standard Performance Specification for Hydraulic Cement and also meets the accelerated pozzolanic activity index, ASR control and sulfate resistance requirements of ASTM C1240 for silica fume.

The Deco-Poz surface is formulated for our SoyCrete Architectural Concrete Stain and is compatible with other coating systems that require a durable, porous cementious substrate.

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