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SoyCrete is the world’s leading bio-based semi-transparent penetrating concrete stain technology that outperforms all other decorative concrete stain products. The advanced chemical engineering with a patented soy ester modified dispersion technology, provides designers, installers, and end-users unparalled durability, sustainability, and decorative style. It is a green building compliant, non-hazardous, ultra-low VOC, acid-free, decorative concrete stain that provides the variegated look of acid stain, but with more consistency, control, flexibility, ease of use, and faster installation time without sacrificing performance integrity. Allows professional decorative concrete artisans to create designs and colorization never before possible. Choose the preferred acid stain alternative!SoyCreteNew

Once you are satisfied with your decorative stain look, you should apply Acri-Soy sealer to seal and protect the stain with a lock-in protective sealant that will provide optimum long term protection. You may also elect to install our high traffic, abrasion-resistant, zero-VOC acrylic-urethane clear coat, or other finishes such as a high gloss polyurethane, polyurea, carnauba wax or other compatible finish coats for enhanced performance objectives.

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    • Available in gallons and 5-gallons buckets
    • Non-hazardous and acid-free
    • Rapidly renewable resource
    • Ultra-low VOC <25 g/l
    • 100% solids pigment zero-VOC
    • Creates natural color variations
    • Resistant to mildew, efflorescence, water, UV, and stains
    • Drastic reduction in install time
    • Easy stenciling or scoring
    • Easily repairable
    • Water-based for easy soap and water clean-up
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