Osmo: Germany’s Most Popular Wood Finishesosmologo

A tree needs to grow 100 years and more until it has developed a solid quality. Osmo’s experience in handling and treating the valuable resource of wood took the same time.

Today Osmo is one of the leading producers and providers of modern wood products with which you can individually design the whole living and garden area. Osmo offers a wide range of stains and sealers for interior or exterior wood.

A long time favorite of greenspace, Osmo’s Polyx-Oil is featured on most of our interior cabinetry. Come by the shop to check out the look, feel, and learn the benefits of this great product line.

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One Coat Only (Exterior)

Polyx Pro Color Oil

Polyx Professional Hardwax Oil


Top Oil

UV Protection Oil (Exterior)

Wood Wax Finish