Osmo Polyx-Oil: The Original Hardwax Oil.osmologo

Formerly known as Hardwax Oil, Osmo’s flagship product is a high-quality, durable finish for all interior wood. The oil penetrates the pores of the wood, making it resistant to staining, and the wax creates a surface coating which protects against surface abrasion. Easy to apply and maintain, Polyx-Oil leaves a satin-matte finish that resists water and stains, and is safe for pets and children alike. With high coverage and great repairability, Polyx-Oil is a great value. Two coats are recommended for high traffic areas such as flooring. Derived from natural plant based oils and waxes, Osmo is a great alternative to high-solvent petroleum-based polyurethanes.



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  • Repairability: Unlike traditional Polyurethane finishes, which need to be completely removed rather than touched up, Osmo Polyx-Oil can be spot repaired over the entire lifetime of the floor.

    Coverage: One liter of Polyx-Oil will cover an average of 250 square feet (945 sq feet per gallon), whereas the best Polyurethanes will yeild about 500 square feet per gallon.

    Safe: Dried Polyx-Oil is safe for human, animal, and plan, and complies with Eurpoean standards for finishes on Childrens Toys.

    Shelf Life: Osmo is rated as shelf stable for five years.

    Available in 0.12 liter sample size, 0.75 liter, 2.5 liter containers. 10.00 liter available by special order only.

  • Unlike many companies, which hide their ingredients under the guise of trade secrets, Osmo discloses all ingredients present in Polyx-Oil. Polyx-Oil does not require labeling for Proposition 65 (Presence of known carcinogens)

    Binding Agents – Sunflower, soybean, and thistle oil

    Waxes: Carnuba, candelilla wax, and parrafin

    Solvent: Benzene-free, disaromatized white spirit (pharmaceutical grade)

    Additives: Silicic acid and clay (purified of heavy metals)

    Additives: Zinc-zirconium-cobalt-octoates, ketoximes, polysiloxanes

  • MSDS

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