Osmo Polyx Professional Color Oilosmologo

Osmo Polyx Pro Color Oil is a penetrating wood stain for hardwood floors based on natural plant oils that is designed specifically for professional application.

Available in nine beautiful colors, Pro Color Oil features outstanding uniformity of staining. Lap marks hardly show at all and it does not raise the grain as water-based stains can. Pro Color Oil is suitable for all unfinished wood floors. Polyx Oil is highly recommended as top coat over Pro Color Oil for durability.Polyx_Pro_Color_Oil

    • Available in 1.0 liter and 0.125 liter sample size
    • Approximately 600 square feet per liter in one coat (on average)
    • ƒAbout ¾ of a cup for every 100 square feet (10’x10’ area) or about ¼ cup for every 6’x6’ area.
    • ƒThis is a one-coat product
    • ƒ Solvent free
    • ƒ Nearly odorless during application
    • ƒ Does not contain biocides nor preservatives
    • ƒ Safe for humans, animals and plants when dry
    • ƒ Approved for use on children’s toys in Germany
  • Application Instructions