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Citrus Solvent is a biodegradable solvent occurring in nature as the main component of citrus peel oil. Citrus Solvent’s interesting chemical properties, pleasant citrus aroma, & FDA-GRAS rating (“generally recognized as safe”) have earned the product phenomenal acceptance in many diverse chemical applications. Citrus Solvent can be used in its pure form blended with most other solvents & drying oils.

Citrus Solvent is a direct replacement for mineral spirits, paint thinner and odorless mineral spirits. Citrus Solvent can be used wherever citrussolventmineral spirits is required as a natural, safer alternative.  It is however an excellent degreaser and can be used to replace petroleum chemicals such as mineral spirits.  Citrus Solvent does not contain any emulsions, surfactants or any other additives. Our brand of Citrus solvent is “Water Clear” and not deep orange like lower grades. “Water Clear” means that it will not add more amber color when mixed with Pure Tung Oil. Our Citrus Solvent does not contribute to depletion of the upper ozone or to smog like mineral spirits but is gently returned to earth with the rain. Actually it is continuously being released into the air in every orange grove.

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    • Available in 16oz, 32oz, and one gallon containers
    • Citrus Solvent can be easily disposed of with no harm to the environment
    • Citrus Solvent has a safe and pleasant aroma
    • Citrus Solvent does not contribute to smog or air pollution
    • Citrus Solvent does not require special regulation in consumer quantities
    • Citrus Solvent is 100% natural, with no emulsions or surfactants

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