Fireclay tile: handmade in California



Meticulously handcrafted near California’s Central Coast using top quality recycled materials, Fireclay Recycled Body Tile is offered in over 30 sizes with dozens of colors to choose from. Fireclay Tile is custom-made to your exact specifications, when you’re ready to place your Tile order.



Fireclay glazed Brick is made in partnership with McNear Brick & Block, the oldest brick manufacturer in California whose thin brick is made from 100% post-consumer reclaimed earth. We offer 24 natural lead-free glazes in a standard size, ideal for commercial and residential applications. Every year 1% of all glazed thin Brick sales are donated to charity. This year we will be supporting The Bay Area Discovery Museum, an organization dedicated to fostering creativity and discovery for children.

FCT Edge


Available in 3 modular sizes and 12 contemporary colors, EDGE brings a large format modern look to the timeless craft of handmade tile. Manufactured with a precision edge on a 70% recycled clay body, EDGE is installed with minimal grout lines, which accentuates the long lean shape of the three modular tile sizes. Unmatched by any other handmade Ceramic tile, EDGE is ideal for installation on walls, floors and counter surfaces. EDGE is available in 3×9”, 3×18” or 6×18”, which is the largest size available in handmade tile.



Our CRT Tile is handmade from 100% post consumer e-waste. CRT, also known as Cathode Ray Tubeglass, was used to make the glass screens in old televisions and computer monitors, but after the introduction of LCD displays demand for CRT rapidly declined.  Because there is no good way to recycle CRT, there are over 860 million pounds of it in the US alone.  Rather than finding a way to recycle the material, CRT is typically shipped overseas where it is simply land-filled.  CRT disposal is becoming more of an issue everyday, comprising 60% of all e-waste in the US and rapidly increasing.

CRT Glass Tile is available in its natural cool gray hue, which we appropriately named Phosphor.  Phosphor is available in both gloss and matte finishes and comes in 3 sizes, 2×4, 2×8 and rounds.  Our CRT Glass Tile will have a noticeable level of variation in color due to the different batches of recycled material we receive.


Fireclay handpainted


Fireclay Handpainted tiles are available in four gorgeous collections: Contemporary, Moroccan, Mediterranean, and Classic Cuerda Seca.

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