news from greenspace November 2018

Construction News


Crews are coming on Friday to pave Ingalls Alley, the new street being constructed in front of our store! Once the asphalt is in, permeable pavers will be installed at the intersection with Swift Street. The pavers will catch some of the rainwater that we hope will be coming our way this winter. Once those pavers are installed, you should be able to drive up and park in front of the store! The end is in sight.

For now, though, parking is still in the back of the building. For more information and a parking lot map, see And if you want to know more about what is happening in our parking lot, check out


MettaBedThe Metta Bed

In response to customer demand, OMI has created a new mattress system called the Metta Bed.

Metta Beds are made using all natural botanical latex, organic unbleached cotton, and organic wool. They have no inner springs or petroleum-based latex. What’s more, Metta Beds come with free comfort exchanges, free returns, and competitive pricing:

  • Twin $899
  • Full $1199
  • Queen $1299
  • King $1599

Metta Bed mattresses are a great value, GREENGUARD Gold Certified, and super comfortable! What’s more, they are made in Northern California by a company you can trust. And you can test one out before ordering. Come lie on a Metta Bed today!

Visit our store or see website ( for complete details on Metta Bed’s comfort exchange and return policy.



Week 1: “Refresh for Guests” Coyuchi Sale

November 1 – 10

20% off all Coyuchi organic cotton sheets, towels, blankets, and more. Treat yourself to some organic goodness today!


Week 2: Paint

November 12 – 17

10% off Colorhouse & AFM interior paints.

Time to freshen up your home before your Thanksgiving guests arrive! Earth-friendly, human-safe paint is more affordable than you think. We can match colors from 90+ name-brand paint collections!

See or to learn more.

shepherds dream

Week 3: Shepherd’s Dream

November 19 – 24

10% off Shepherd’s Dream natural eco-wool bedding, constructed with organic cotton fabric in a Northern California workshop. Wool pillows, comforters, and mattress toppers are all on sale this week. Sleep in natural comfort!

See for more information.


Week 4+: OMI Holiday Sale

November 26 – December 16

OMI mattresses are made with 100% certified organic botanical latex, wool, and cotton. The cleanest, most environmentally-friendly natural latex mattress you can find — and comfort that is unmatched.

Offer includes:

  • Twin $200 off
  • Full $300 off
  • Queen $400 off
  • King $500 off
  • 20% off OMI accessories

See  for more information.




eco ramblings November 2018

I strive to live a simple life, one clear of clutter and filled with peace and purposeful space. Recently, I’ve been slowly working through my house, attempting to reduce the amount of stuff surrounding me and it has not been easy. I have been amazed at my attachment to possessions and how difficult it has been to let things go.

I had a boss in a previous career who summed up nicely how I felt about how much stuff to have. “Enough to carry in a backpack at a dead run” summed it up. But that was when I younger and desiring to be quick and nimble. At 60, things are a little different. Having a home, a partner, a child and a dog, it was easy for things to accumulate. There was a time, in my pointless attempt to stem the tide of possessions coming into the house, that I even voiced the ridiculous goal of  “one thing into the house, one thing out.” This was met with various levels of eye-rolling from family members and replies of “yes, Honey, we know.”

My current project is sorting out my master bedroom closet – a challenging task to say the least. I have found that I am not above asking forgiveness from my surroundings for letting go of some unused item that has been sitting on a hanger or shelf, sometimes for years. I have rediscovered some things in the process – an art piece, a book or an article of clothing. But much of it I have given a kiss goodbye and sent on its way. I find I feel a lightness and that my memories surrounding those items remain undiminished.

- Brian Corser

eco ramblings october 2018

I have an Excelsior Food Dehydrator. In fact, it’s in my workshop now, drying pears from the little orchard in our backyard. I was told it was the Cadillac of food dehydrators by my wife when she brought it home from a yard sale two years ago for the amazing price of $5. It just needed a little work was all… Hmm, was this Lydia project now going to become a Brian project? But we set to work: Lydia replaced the plastic drying screens with stainless steel ones, and I rebuilt the interior of the drying box. The end result was, in a nutshell, fantastic! I’ve used it for drying all manner of fruits and vegetables, taking the bounty on backpacking trips in the Sierras and as work snacks to sustain me when underneath kitchen sinks and replacing toilets. (I’m a plumber.)

I like to fix things. I take it as a personal challenge to see if I can revive a tired vacuum cleaner or non-functioning kitchen appliance. I’ve come to believe that life remains in so many things that I own that have a problem functioning and seem ready to be discarded. Now, this is not to say that I’m always successful in my undertakings – recently I had my 20-year-old non-functioning Bosch dishwasher on its side and disassembled in my kitchen, twice! I ultimately had to replace it. That being said, I have such a feeling of satisfaction in reviving for at least another day some well-loved gadget that will now serve me just a little bit longer.

If you’ve been by Greenspace anytime in the last four months, you will have noticed that things are a wee bit torn up on the exterior of the entire complex. Thank you for your patience! The building owners are doing the same thing with their building that I do at my house – breathing new life into the location and tying it into the Delaware Addition development they own directly behind us. I believe they are on the home stretch with the project and when complete in the next month or so, it will be amazing! Lighted crosswalk islands allowing safe pedestrian crossing to all the great shops across Swift Street from us – Kelly’s Bakery, Santa Cruz Yoga, West End Tap Room, and perhaps a new corner cafe – need I go on? So once again, a big thank you to all of you who support and believe in Greenspace and return time and time again to see what new life you too can breathe into your homes.

- Brian Corser

eco ramblings November 2015

I’m inspired on this second day of real rain in my recent memory!

It is with great pleasure that I introduce FOUR new staff members at greenspace. This is also the perfect opportunity to let you know how top-notch our current staff is.

Cathy Brothers is our new store manager. Just before she started working for us this May, she brought in her dog Marble to meet us, knowing that I love dogs. As you know, our shop dog Nikki died last year. When I met Marble, a Queensland heeler mix, I fell for her and asked her to be our new shop dog. Luckily, Cathy is not insecure, because I sometimes seemed more excited to introduce Marble to customers than Cathy. Predictably, my respect for Cathy quickly outstripped my adoration of Marble. Cathy has embraced the store as our anchor and has tremendous customer service and product knowledge.

alt text

But falling in love with Marble gave me the itch for a new dog of my own. Consequently, Brody, a Bassett hound and pit mix, was next to join our team. He is the sweetest, goofiest puppy you could hope to meet. He is happy to snuggle or untie your shoelaces for you. You should come in and meet him! (If you don’t love dogs, we are happy to crate or leash our dogs when you come in!)

Most recently, Kendall Argast-Watson joined greenspace. Kendall is weeks away from completing her interior design degree at West Valley College and will be available for outside appointments and kitchen and bath design projects starting in January. Kendall brings tile retail experience and a terrific attitude. We are so happy she has joined our team!

You may already have worked with Melanie, who has been at greenspace for over a year and a half. This past summer, she started going out on design and color consultation appointments. She will complete her interior design degree at West Valley in June and start adding more interior design clients at that time. Melanie is passionate about design, as you may already have experienced!

It’s likely you’ve spoken with Andrea over the years, as she and I took over greenspace together, essentially. I always say, “if Andrea quits, I quit.” I sincerely believe that she is personally responsible for the financial integrity of our business, and we wouldn’t have made it through the downturn without her. Never mind her lovely nature and customer service.

If you couldn’t tell, we’ve hit the sweet spot with our staffing. We are having a ton of fun running a successful business and we thank you and welcome you, your family and friends for new projects, gifts for the home and gift certificates.

As you might have noticed, we’ve been changing up our business model. We are providing more professional design consultations, helping clients design their perfect kitchen or bath, as well as in-home color consultations to help clients pick their ideal color palette. It’s working out well. We continue to learn and grow, and our furry friends keep it all down-to-earth and friendly. If you are interested in scheduling a design or color consultation, give us a call! 831.423.7200