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If you’ve ever unpacked boxes in your new place and found yourself overwhelmed by a “new paint smell”, you’ll appreciate the lengths to which our founders have gone to provide healthy alternatives to traditional, toxic paints and stains. Our diverse line of products offers options for every space, project type, and level of chemical sensitivity; regardless of style preference or budget. All of our paints and stains are low-odor and many contain ZERO Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs: Registered carcinogens whose use results in poor overall air quality.)

The staff at greenspace have received hands-on training from industry pros at innovative companies like Osmo and Eco Safety Products, two of the companies that offer greener alternatives to traditional sealers and lacquers that off-gas for years after initial application.

Although some of the products we carry are oil-based, in the manner of traditional finishes, we have carefully selected products that have low VOC content (ex: Bioshield Hard Oil #9, < 250grams/liter) and have been recommended to us by artisan carpenters and do-it-yourselfers alike. We also stock water-based sealers, some of which have a plant-derived content of more than 60%.

Whether you are finishing flooring, cabinetry, or a crib for your newborn, we’ll be able to offer a handful of choices to help you select the right sealer for your project.

AFM Safecoat


Bona Traffic


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EcoProcote Concrete Coatings


Preserva Wood

Real Milk Paint Co.

Soy Gel Paint Stripper

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