American Clay: Naturally Beautiful Walls

American Clay Earth Plaster is a practical, environmentally friendly alternative to cement, gypsum, acrylic, and lime plasters. It is compatible with the “breatheable” construction recommended for both historic and new buildings.

Our plasters have a far longer working time than other plasters—up to several days if you need it—so you can take your time and work with confidence that the surface won’t “set” before you’ve achieved just the finish you want. Besides, there’s no waste. You can reuse any excess plaster—even after you’ve mixed it and it’s dried. Just break it up and rehydrate it. Our plasters can be troweled on like traditional plasters, but you can also spray them on with a drywall hopper.

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Enjarre (n-har-ray) is our only single-coat product. This application eliminates some of the labor and cost typically involved in finishing a wall. It can be applied to achieve a range of finishes, from semi-smooth to rustic or textured.

  • Enjarre can also be used as a basecoat for our other finishes.

  • Approximately 100 square feet per 63 lb. bag (per coat).


Loma is our original earth plaster and our best-selling product. It conveys the essence of suede through its sensuous matte surfaces. Made with reclaimed marble sand and multiple clays, our patented formula offers a remarkable breadth of surface possibilities.

  • Loma is the basecoat for our Porcelina, Lomalina and Marittimo plasters.

  • Loma is also used as a second coat over our Loma or Enjarre plasters.

  • Loma is a medium finish.
  • Approximately 180 square feet per 50 lb. bag (per coat).


Lomalina integrates the best of two worlds: smooth porcelain-like finish combined with the luminous and subtle texture of Loma. With the application ease of Loma and the silky softness of Porcelina, Lomalina is a truly desirable finish. The plaster is our newest finish, released in February 2013.

  • Lomalina is used as a second coat only.

  • Approximately 200 square feet per 50 lb. bag (per coat).


Marittimo is a name created with the sea (or “mar”) at its core. Marittimo uses recycled, crushed shells from the U.S. Gulf Coast. This finish lends itself to a smooth waxy feel or a textured sand finish depending on your choice of application.

  • Marittimo is a coarse finish, the strongest of the finishes.

  • Marittimo is used as a second coat only.

  • Approximately 160 square feet per 50 lb. bag (per coat).


Porcelina is satin-smooth and easily blended for a marble-like surface. This product is often compared to the Venetian plasters of Italy. The quality of Porcelina is similar to the “porcelain” ceramic for which it was named.

  • Porcelina is used as a second coat only.

  • Smoothest finish, along with lomalina
  • Approximately 250 to 300 square feet per 50 lb. bag (per coat).

  •  AC-ColorPack

    Color Packs

    Each 50 lb. bucket or bag of American Clay Earth Plaster requires a color pack. Download the American Clay Color Palette here.


    Sanded Primer Elite

    A zero-VOC primer with added aggregate serves as a prime coat for our traditional plaster system, as well as protecting outside corners for our ‘DOS MANOS’ classic and professional application system. Coverage: About 200 sq. ft. per gallon.


    Up & EZ!

    Up & EZ! is an additive that can be used as both a binder and primer and eliminates the use of the acrylic-based primer in our plaster system.


    Mud Glue

    Acts as both a binder and a primer for the basecoat plaster. Eliminates the need to prime walls separately, whether on new or existing walls.

     AC Lime Putty

    Lime Putty

    Suitable for adding additional hardness to American Clay Plasters or to create a rich, intense color lime wash.



    Hardens the cured plaster coat and increases its durability. This makes it an excellent additive for plasters installed in damage-prone rooms and commercial applications.



    Low-VOC soy resin/acrylic spray on sealers which provides some increased hardness and sheen to the products. Sealers also provide additional hardness to the final surface when MUD GLUE is not used.



    We prefer Japanese style trowels, which are ergonomically designed for comfortable application, great for the do-it-yourself-er who is not used to handling heavy contractor trowels.

  • View the American Clay Color Palette

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