Eco Stucco Natural Mineral Artisan Plasters

EcoStucco is a range of lime plasters designed to efficiently protect and enhance walls & facades in an elegant, sustainable, and functional way. Aside from their technical performance, EcoStucco finishes treat walls & facades with a unique cachet. The organic look and feel, the vividness of the shades, the natural mottled effects, and the reflective qualities of these authentic lime plasters result in first-class, elegant finishes. Eco Stucco products are also greatly appreciated for their ease of application. Plaster artisans praise the EcoStucco finish systems for their flexibility and convenient workability. Smooth, monolithic finishes can be achieved over a wide array of substrates with a productivity any contractor wishes for. Pot life and set times adequately contribute to better efficiency and reduced waste on job sites. Lime plaster is far more durable and versatile than any other types of plaster available today. It is less prone to cracking from settling and shrinkage that its cement counterpart. In all climates, lime plaster provides lasting protection over a wide array of substrates. Most importantly, it is permeable to water vapor. In other words, unlike with acrylic stucco, moisture freely evaporates. Any excess moisture is prevented from being trapped inside the wall by a favorable evaporation out of the outer skin.




DECOLIME is a natural lime plaster essentially composed of hydrated lime, specific hydraulic binders, and fine aggregates – all factory-pre-mixed. In one, two, or three coats, it may be trowel or machine applied over most interior and exterior substrates, new or in need of renovation. DECOLIME is ideal for achieving smooth, matte finishes. It is greatly appreciated for its workability and resistance to impacts, abrasion, and thermal shocks. Sold in 55 lb. bag covering approximately 90 square feet.



UNILIME is a natural mineral lime plaster specifically formulated to provide a true mechanical key to mineral finishes over a wide array of interior and exterior substrates. It may be used to renovate existing walls and facades, while compensating for imperfections and resulting in monolithic backgrounds. UNILIME may as well be applied as a single color coat providing a functional, economical, and sustainable alternative to conventional coating products. Sold in 55 lb. bag covering approximately 70-100 square feet.



MURALIME is a natural mineral artisan plaster essentially composed of hydrated lime and very fine aggregates. Versatile, it may be trowel applied in one or two coats or it may be brush applied in accordance with lime washing techniques. MURALIME allows for a wide spectrum of finishing options including fresco painting and Tadelakt (wet areas). Whatever the finish, this product is appreciated for its optimal smoothness, its natural mottling, and its reflective qualities. Sold in 22 lb. box covering approximately 120-200 square feet as a single coat.



PRIMA is a sustainable stucco base composed of hydrated lime, a pozzolan binder, and proprietary components. PRIMA is typically installed over metal lath, masonry units and concrete after simple addition specified sand and water. Sold in 44 lb. bag covering approximately 65-90 square feet.


Prima Lite

PRIMA LITE is a sustainable stucco base composed of hydrated lime, a pozzolan binder, and proprietary components all factory-blended and designed to protect straw bale and other type of similar constructions after a simple addition of water and specified aggregates. PRIMA LITE is also suitable for the masonry and repair of natural stones – particularly recommended for the restoration of historical monuments. Sold in 44 lb. bag covering approximately 65-90 square feet. 



TRADILIME is a natural mineral lime binder designed to mix on the job site with locally resourced sand in order to achieve interior and exterior plaster finishes. Consisting mostly of hydrated lime, specific hydraulic binder, and mineral admixtures, TRADILIME provides the artisan with the flexibility to refine specific design requirements based on the proximity of aggregates. It is greatly appreciated as a wise economical alternative to ready-mix materials. Sold in 33 lb. bag covering approximately 150 square feet.

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  • Black Soap

    Black Soap

    Natural, organic soap, made true to the ancient soap used by the Romans. Dark in color, its key ingredient is olive oil. Black soap is a vital ingredient in the art of fine lime plaster finishes and particularly the Tadelakt of Morocco. When applied on fresh plaster, the oil comes in contact with moisture that contains calcium particles. When polishing, the cream penetrates the plaster, creating a durable waterproofing skin while adding richness and luster to the finish.

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