eco ramblings july 2014

Do I dare declare that greenspace is finally successful? I think I can. Like The Little Engine That Could (which I begged my mother to read repeatedly when I was little), we seem to be through the worst of the downturn and truly beginning to thrive. Every week, new and previous customers discover us. Each time a long-lost customer walks in, I am so touched by how happy it makes them to find us. Having greenspace appreciated in this way is tremendously validating for a me as a small business owner. We are growing and busy, but in a way that feels sustainable (business-wise).

We just got our Green Business Certification in our “new” space. Even though we try to walk the walk, going through this process keeps us honest and helps us identify ways to improve, which are always welcome. We also got to show off some of the funny things we do in our obsessive quest to be green, like printing on both sides of our paper. So if you get a receipt with a teenager’s math homework on the back, you’ll know you helped us save a tree. Our sorting and bundling of recyclables makes it so that we only take a mini trashcan to the curb every other week. We always have samples and pallets for the taking. Right now, we have a lot of natural linoleum samples and I’d love to find a printmaker who would use them!

We are very excited to announce an American Clay workshop. We haven’t held one in several years, so join us for this rare opportunity, with Orit Yanai as our esteemed instructor, as we plaster my family room! Save the date of September 21st, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

You’ll have to be patient with us for the latter half of July, as I am taking an unexpected, but can’t-pass-up-the-chance-to-go trip to Thailand with my daughter. I’ll be leaving Sasha, Andrea (the bookkeeper) and my husband Brian (the contractor) to run the store. (Melanie will also be on vacation.) Sometimes, life hands you opportunities that are wildly inconvenient and create a bit of chaos, but can’t be missed. Be really nice and bring them chocolate, okay? Please know that they are capable and dedicated to your happiness! I will be checking in daily via email to help from afar.

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